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Legislation from 1962

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Human Tissue Act (Northern Ireland) 1962 (repealed)1962 Chapter 19Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Finance Act (Northern Ireland) 19621962 Chapter 17Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Electoral Law Act (Northern Ireland) 19621962 Chapter 14Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Agricultural Produce (Meat Regulation and Pig Industry) Act (Northern Ireland) 19621962 Chapter 13Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Public Health and Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland) 19621962 Chapter 12Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Administrative and Financial Provisions Act (Northern Ireland) 19621962 Chapter 7Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Foyle Fisheries (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 19621962 Chapter 5Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Road Traffic Act 1962 (repealed)1962 c. 59UK Public General Acts
Pipe-Lines Act 19621962 c. 58UK Public General Acts
Uganda Independence Act 19621962 c. 57UK Public General Acts
Local Government (Records) Act 19621962 c. 56UK Public General Acts
Trinidad and Tobago Independence Act 19621962 c. 54UK Public General Acts
House of Commons Members’ Fund Act 1962 (repealed)1962 c. 53UK Public General Acts
Penalties for Drunkenness Act 19621962 c. 52UK Public General Acts
Law Reform (Husband and Wife) Act 19621962 c. 48UK Public General Acts
Education (Scotland) Act 19621962 c. 47UK Public General Acts
Transport Act 19621962 c. 46UK Public General Acts
Finance Act 19621962 c. 44UK Public General Acts
Carriage by Air (Supplementary Provisions) Act 19621962 c. 43UK Public General Acts
Jamaica Independence Act 19621962 c. 40UK Public General Acts

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