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Legislation from 1947

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Indian Independence Act 19471947 c. 30UK Public General Acts
Industrial Organisation and Development Act 19471947 c. 40UK Public General Acts
Jersey and Guernsey (Financial Provisions) Act 19471947 c. 2UK Public General Acts
Local Government (Scotland) Act 19471947 c. 43UK Public General Acts
Mandated and Trust Territories Act 19471947 c. 8UK Public General Acts
Motor Vehicles (Variation of Speed Limit) Regulations 19471947 No. 2192UK Statutory Rules and Orders
National Health Service (Scotland) Act 19471947 c. 27UK Public General Acts
National Insurance and Industrial Injuries Commissioners (Superannuation) Regulations 19471947 No. 2185UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Naval Forces (Enforcement of Maintenance Liabilities) Act 1947 (repealed)1947 c. 24UK Public General Acts
New Towns Compulsory Purchase (Contemporaneous Procedure) Regulations 19471947 No. 1353UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Northern Ireland Act 19471947 c. 37UK Public General Acts
Order, dated April 28, 1947, made by the Treasury prescribing Securities under section 9 of the Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919 (9 & 10 Geo. 5. c. 59)1947 No. 790UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Parsonages (Amendment) Measure 19471947 No. 3Church Measures
Pensions Appeal Tribunals Act (Modification) Order 19471947 No. 1143UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Polish Resettlement Act 19471947 c. 19UK Public General Acts
Statistics of Trade Act 19471947 c. 39UK Public General Acts
The British Transport Arbitration Tribunal Rules 19471947 No. 2217UK Statutory Rules and Orders
The Dock Workers (Regulation of Employment) Order, 19471947 No. 1189UK Statutory Rules and Orders
The Gas Cylinders (Conveyance) Regulations, 19471947 No. 1594UK Statutory Rules and Orders
The House to House Collections Regulations, 19471947 No. 2662UK Statutory Rules and Orders

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