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Legislation from 1930

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Benefices (Transfer of Rights of Patronage) Measure 19301930 No. 8Church Measures
Criminal Law and Prevention of Crime (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 19301930 Chapter 3Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Ecclesiastical Commissioners (Sodor and Man) Measure 19301930 No. 5Church Measures
Education Act (Northern Ireland) 19301930 Chapter 14Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Finance Act 19301930 c. 28UK Public General Acts
Housing Act 19301930 c. 39UK Public General Acts
Isles of Scilly Order 19301930 No. 216UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 19301930 c. 20UK Public General Acts
London Building Act 19301930 c. clviiiUK Local Acts
Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act (Northern Ireland) 19301930 Chapter 24Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Order in Council applying s 1 of the Marriage of British Subjects (Facilities) Act 1915 to Jersey (1930)1930 No. 229UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Order in Council as to registration of ships of the Northern Ireland Government (1930)1930 No. 336UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Railway and Canal Traffic (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 19301930 Chapter 10Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Railways (Valuation for Rating) Act 1930 (repealed 19.5.1997)1930 c. 24UK Public General Acts
Regulations dated December 29, 1930, made by the Secretary of State, in conjunction with the Minister of Health and the Department of Health for Scotland, under the Reservoirs (Safety Provisions) Act, 1930 (20 & 21 Geo. 5, c. 51)1930 No. 1125UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Road Traffic Act 19301930 c. 43UK Public General Acts
The Petroleum (Compressed Gases) Order, 19301930 No. 34UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act (Northern Ireland) 19301930 Chapter 19Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 1930 (repealed)1930 c. 25UK Public General Acts
Tithe Rentcharge and Variable Rents Act (Northern Ireland) 19301930 Chapter 22Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament

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