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Legislation from 1930-1939

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Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act 19371937 c. 59UK Public General Acts
Finance Act 19371937 c. 54UK Public General Acts
Order in Council (No 30) prohibiting the Manufacture, Importation, Keeping, Conveyance or Sale of Acetylene when an Explosive as defined by the Order1937 No. 54UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Methylated Spirits (Sale by Retail) (Scotland) Act 1937 (repealed)1937 c. 48UK Public General Acts
Physical Training and Recreation Act 19371937 c. 46UK Public General Acts
Public Records (Scotland) Act 19371937 c. 43UK Public General Acts
Public Health (Drainage of Trade Premises) Act 19371937 c. 40UK Public General Acts
Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 19371937 c. 37UK Public General Acts
Sheep Stocks Valuation (Scotland) Act 1937(repealed 25.9.1991)1937 c. 34UK Public General Acts
Diseases of Fish Act 19371937 c. 33UK Public General Acts
Civil List Act 1937 (repealed)1937 c. 32UK Public General Acts
Harbours, Piers and Ferries (Scotland) Act 19371937 c. 28UK Public General Acts
Regency Act 19371937 c. 16UK Public General Acts
Geneva Convention Act 19371937 c. 15UK Public General Acts
Firearms Act 19371937 c. 12UK Public General Acts
Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland) 19371937 Chapter 9Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Petroleum (Transfer of Licences) Act (Northern Ireland) 19371937 Chapter 4Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Order in Council dated 18 December 1936 approving a scale of distribution of salvage awards (1936)1936 No. 1385UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Local Government and Civil Service (Superannuation) Rules 19361936 No. 651UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Public Service Vehicles (Conduct of Drivers, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations, 19361936 No. 619UK Statutory Rules and Orders

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