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Legislation from 1926

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Order in Council dated 5 November 1926, approving regulations as to Prize Money Accounts (1926)1926 No. 1421UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Order in Council as to registration of ships of the Government of the Straits Settlements (1926)1926 No. 1036UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Order in Council (No 26) Relating to Picric Acid, Picrates and Mixtures of Picric Acid with other substances (1926)1926 No. 823UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Supreme Court Documents (Production) Rules 19261926 No. 461UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Workmen's Compensation Rules 19261926 No. 448UK Statutory Rules and Orders
Judicial Proceedings (Regulation of Reports) Act 19261926 c. 61UK Public General Acts
Legitimacy Act 19261926 c. 60UK Public General Acts
Coroners (Amendment) Act 19261926 c. 59UK Public General Acts
Small Holdings and Allotments Act 19261926 c. 52UK Public General Acts
Electricity (Supply) Act 19261926 c. 51UK Public General Acts
Burgh Registers (Scotland) Act 1926 (repealed)1926 c. 50UK Public General Acts
Births and Deaths Registration Act 19261926 c. 48UK Public General Acts
Rating (Scotland) Act 19261926 c. 47UK Public General Acts
Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act 19261926 c. 45UK Public General Acts
Horticultural Produce (Sales on Commission) Act 19261926 c. 39UK Public General Acts
Parks Regulation (Amendment) Act 19261926 c. 36UK Public General Acts
Industrial Assurance (Juvenile Societies) Act 19261926 c. 35UK Public General Acts
Adoption of Children Act 19261926 c. 29UK Public General Acts
Mining Industry Act 19261926 c. 28UK Public General Acts
Chartered Associations (Protection of Names and Uniforms) Act 19261926 c. 26UK Public General Acts

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